vendredi 19 octobre 2007

Take hold of me / Prends-moi

Reviens et prends-moi

Reviens souvent et prends-moi, sensation bien-aimée, reviens et prends-moi quand la mémoire du corps se réveille, quand un ancien désir passe à travers le sang, quand les lèvres et la peau se souviennent, et que les mains croient toucher de nouveau ...

Reviens souvent et prends-moi la nuit, à l'heure où les lèvres et la peau se souviennent.

Constantin Cavafy, 1912

Come Back

Come back often and take hold of me,

sensation that I love, come back and take hold of me

when the body's memory revives

and an old longing again passes through the blood,

when lips and skin remember

and hands feel as though they touch again.

Come back often, take hold of me in the night
when lips and skin remember...

Constantine P. Cavafy, 1912

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Anonyme a dit…

Special compliments on the discovery of the Japanese ridefuck ~ incredibly sublime awareness of the interlocking of the two cocksystems, and the bilateral radiance can instill -- and the exemplars are gorgeously presented. Finally, the universally quoted pronefuck in gray linens, which seems destined to enjoy an exceptional shelf life, manages to capture the spirit of motion by linking ideally poised parallel arcs with cock of superb resolve and angle of address. Hopefully, Cavafy would be very pleased.