dimanche 21 octobre 2007

Licking / Lécher

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Laurent a dit…

All of the licks are as you say, B-E, sensual and erotically charged. But what a pleasure to see again, brutos4083.jpg, one of the loveliest stills Falcon Studios ever published.

Here, the marriage of coral and vermilion is just so beautiful and true and pure -- the arc of the neck and of the horn of cock so sympathetic -- the gaze and the tongue so open and serene and adoring -- that it's hard to think it a commercial undertaking. Treasure, then, the Siena Cathedral-like gradations of hue in the elegant shaft, the undoubted mercy of the capacious dome, the warmth and resiliency of the urethral swell, and comprehend that "your obsession" is warmly embedded in this gorgeous face for a reason: that it is natural and inextirpable.