jeudi 15 mars 2007


Photographies sensuelles sur des corps parfaits. Toute la sensualité mâle est dans le geste comme la photographie ci-dessus que j’ai découverte sur le blog Gang Do Banheirao. À mes yeux, le débardeur est un objet d'un grand érotisme.

Perfect bodies, what sensuality ! Like the picture above I downloaded from the blog Gang Do Banheirao. I love see men wearing a singlet, it is so erotic.

C'est une des récentes photographies d'Andro Bross.
This is one of the latest photographs by Andro Bross.

Jinko est un talentueux dessinateur
Jinko, a very talented draughstman

3 commentaires:

Jamy a dit…

Très sympa l'anal kiss

Laurent a dit…

The boy in left profile in monochrome ("476.jpg") is radiantly magnetic to me, with all of his stunning body completely foretold in his face. I would love to feast visually and literally on that face in endless exchanges of anything and everything available to us, but I've "seen" all I need to see, right here.

Brutos-Eros a dit…

Laurent, and of course I do not forget his chest and abs.