mercredi 6 juin 2007

Sebastian Moreno Coronel - Homo Erotic Art

Slave's homage (2003)

Sebastian Moreno est un peintre mexicain qui a débuté il y a environ 8 ans. Ses corps d'hommes sont plein de sensualité et de virilité. Ils s'étirent, s'enlacent, se débattent sur un décor de campagne ou de ville.

Sebastian Moreno is a Mexican artist. He debuted eight years ago. Whether in nature or urban lanscapes, his often naked male figures are full of virility and sensuality.

Left to right: Endless awakening (2004), Active celebration (2005), Full of grace (2005)

Left to right: Doom impending (2004), Dreamers refuge (2004), Desire's shapes (2004)

Left to right: Bittersweet bondage (2004), Peaceful rest (2004), Chained ambassador (2004)

Double way (2005)

Desire's routes (2004)

Anchored on Longings (2006)

Left to right: Verb incarnation (2004), Alive frontiers (2004), Lubricated Evening (2006)

Winter angelus (2006)

Vivifying Flow (2006)

Shared desire (2005)

Surprising assault (2005)

After time (2004)

Tension days (2004)

Thorough race (2004)

River whispers (2004)

Blood irrigation (2004)

Sharing the sea's hug (2005)

Purification ritual (2005)

source: Sebastian Moreno

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