vendredi 6 mai 2016

Tamas Eszterhazy

Antonio Biaggi & Tamas Eszterhazy
These two waste no time getting to work--on each other. Antonio's massive package is obviously an interest and Tamas reaches for it right away. Tamas struggles to swallow the whole thing as it grows in size and fills his throat. Tamas also has a gigantic appendage attached to his muscled body but Antonio seems more interested in his hole. He turns him around and dives in tongue first. Standing behind the bar, Antonio then penetrates Tamas, stretching his hole with every inch of his thick cock.CLICK HERE

Dean, Derrick, Martin, Brendan & Tamas
Dean, Derrick, Martin, Brendan and Tamas star in one of the most lavish groups scenes ever filmed. The five guys are hanging out on a sunlit deck in Sonoma Wine Country where their big cocks, good looks and hard bodies are perfectly displayed in the bright sunshine. Its clear all the men are into each other and this equates to some intense sucking and fucking.CLICK HERE

Mirage scene 10
In the middle of a hot desert these eager cock-suckers won't let the sweltering temperatures deter any of their fun. Dirk Jager lets some of the group suck on his big tool while his ripped abs gleam in the sunlight and then Hussein takes control of Jake Deckard's hairy hole, fucking on the a rocky outcrop.CLICK HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

His name is Tamas Eszterhazy.

Anonyme a dit…

Eszterházy visibly thrives on nourishing cock, taking fuck as some suck life from a teat, deliciously ensconced in his rampaging, wringing seat. I completely love him as a bottom, mesmerised by the metronome of his cock as I succumb to churning his vortex for dear life. A glorious fuckling male.

suleiman a dit…

Bruño,que chulo y rebueno estas!!! madre mia!!! uff

suleiman a dit…

Todos estos machos están uffff ni comentar Aaaaa