samedi 14 novembre 2015

Brett Matthews

Manuel Torres, Brett Mathews, Fred Faurtin
Manuel whips out his big brown dick and invites Brett Mathews with a nod to give him some head. He then bends Brett over and shoves his face as far into Bretts ass as he can before replacing tongue with cock. Fred Faurtin appears and takes his turn inside of Brett's ass as Manuel gets some head and shoots all over the two fuckers. Then Fred has his chance at Brett's ass without the distraction of Manuel's hot, hairy body.CLICK HERE

Instinct - Scene 8
Manuel Torres is a Latin man with furry pecs to die for. Fred Faurtin is a hot French fucker with a lightly splashed hairy physique and Brett Mathews has an all American college boy look with a lightly hairy front. So put all three of these sexy men together, throw in a touch of leather and a sling and you have a threeway photo set to go down with the best of them.CLICK HERE

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