dimanche 7 septembre 2014

Bruno Bond

Damien Crosse & Bruno Bond
Bruno Bond gets Damien Crosse's cock all wet, sucking slowly and deeply in this video. He then lifts Crosse's legs, and stabs his tongue deep inside the hairy hole, making him moan for more. After Crosse has been serviced, he takes charge by mounting Bond from behind, and sticking his thick cock, deep inside Bond's hairy ass. Bond's face shows a mixture of pain with immense pleasure, as Crosse rides his ass wildly. CLICK HERE

Bruno Bond and Ryan Raz
If there was ever a dynamic between two well-known pornstars that really hit the mark, it would have to be in this video with Ryan Raz and Bruno Bond. Two powerhouses of the industry who make one hell of an intergenerational team. Watch as mature, hairy muscle daddy Bond shows this young. hairless up-and-comer who's boss!CLICK HERE

Gunner World - Scene 3
Insatiable bottom daddy, Bruno Bond gets a massive serving of Charlie X's fat cock in this video. His furry body rides that tool in a spectacular display of fucking on the floor, with Bruno's expression telling you just how much he's enjoying sitting on that big piece of meat.CLICK HERE

Bruno Bond and Morgan Black in 'Attraction'
Bruno and Morgan are kissing outside under the trees. CLICK HERE

Bruno Bond w/ Richard Savvy in 'Shave'
Bruno Bond is waiting in the barber chair wearing boxer shorts and a t shirt. Richard Savvy, the Barber, approaches, clippers in hand, ready to buzz his head. CLICK HERE

HF005 XXX Hardcore- Bruno Bond/Steve Cruz
Bruno Bond is taking a bath when Steve Cruz interrupts him with his video camera. CLICK HERE

Refocus, Raging Stallion
Picking up where "Focus" left off, ReFocus takes place at the intersection of Danger and Desire. This is an old style Hollywood Film Noir that tracks the story of Joe Wilder on a sexual adventure that ends in a very startling and unexpected way.thriller.CLICK HERE

Bruno Bond
The mother of all muscle daddies - despite the contradiction in terms - is in very fine form for this solo performance. It's a rare chance to see this master of fuzz and muscle tackling his tool all on his lonesome without anyone else in shot to make you jealous that they get to touch that faultless body.CLICK HERE

Bruno Bond & Tony Vega
Bruno Bond is dressed, sitting down and waiting for Tony Vega who walks into the room butt naked.  CLICK HERE

Arab Heat - Scene 4
Bruno Bond gets Damien Crosses cock all wet, sucking slowly and deeply in this video. CLICK HERE

Bruno & Tony
Tony Aziz is flexing his muscles in the style of a vintage physique pictorial. Bruno Bond watches from the side. CLICK HERE

Luke Riley and Bruno Bond
Luke Riley and Bruno Bond are kissing. CLICK HERE

Bruno and Steve
Thank God for close-ups of fur.  CLICK HERE

Junior Sellano & Bruno Bond
Bruno begins his hot one-one-one with muscle-stud Junior by reaching down and feeling Juniors still wet open hole. Then Bruno fucks Junior in a sling hanging from the bed. CLICK HERE

Menace - Scene 1
Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz share some of that real-life passion for the camera in this steamy shoot.  CLICK HERE

Bruno Bond & Pistol Pete
Super sexy Pistol Pete and Bruno Bond return for a hot backstage sex romp. Their two masculine bodies combine in deep, beard-rubbing kisses. CLICK HERE

Logan, Bruno and Cole
Logan walks to the back of a bar where a slave tied to a St. Andrew's cross is being dominated by his leather master, Bruno Bond. The master uses tit clamps and pulls on the chain, elongating the pain/pleasure. CLICK HERE

5 commentaires:

glen0330 a dit…

Some gorgeous pics of Bruno. Have not seen the young ones before. These show he looks great in every kind of clothing. Suits to underwear. Thank you for all these pics.

Anonyme a dit…

There's nothing appealing about him at all. He looks spent!

glen0330 a dit…

I too am impressed with this post of Bruno. I think he's hot.

Anonyme a dit…

Bruno is more than hot he's a God to be worshipped every inch of him is mouth watering allowed to service him or be his slave as he sees fit works for me he is hot !

uncle barry a dit…

I really enjoyed the pic of him lounging on rock overlooking the city. And the black & white shot of him on his knees at full attention!