dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Titan Men

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Anonyme a dit…

lord look at all these hot beautiful just right muscled hunks of men ! they are all very hot and handsome their photos alone radiate a desire to be willfully used by any or all of them anyway they want.. having my head in a headlock with any of those biceps pressing my nose tightly against their macho flesh would be considered and honored treat, let alone having my ugly head crushed between hot man muscled thighs, as I service from that position treating my taste buds to the taste of some very hot man flesh OH! what a rush! at 73 in my youth never look even half as good of all these hunks. now of course never will, when I finally meet my creator again soon, I am going to lay it into him I am envious ! why didn't you give me a tenth of all you gave to these beautiful men ! I don't know who they are but appreciate these hunks as a perfect work of art giving joy to my old eyes God Bless them all!