dimanche 29 septembre 2013

Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt
San Francisco muscle stud Samuel Colt will enchant you with that hairy chest and a winning smile. But let's not forget Samuel also fucks himself with steel rods. He's also got a bunch of silicon sounds in this video. The greatest moment of his act is when he takes a 16 inch long silicon sound and shoves the whole thing up his cock. It's as long as a catheter and goes all the way, deep inside. Watch as he has the orgasm of his life!CLICK HERE

Samuel Colt Ploughs Damien Drake
Samuel and Damien find themselves in the woodshop, more interested in working each other. They rub and lick all over each other's ripped bodies until slim Latino Damien locks his lips around beefy Samuel's wood. Samuel wants a taste too, so he slurps at Damien's cock and then takes it all the way down his throat. The intensity grows and these studs are fucking fast, Damien bending over the work table and Samuel answers with hard thrusts repeatedly nailing Damien, who milks a stream of cum out of his stiff woody. Samuel answers by squeezing a load onto Damien's cock and balls.CLICK HERE

Samuel Colt and Angelo Marconi in 'All Access'
Samuel Colt and Angelo Marconi are in the Hard Friction studio ready to show off their bulging muscles and hard cocks. They stand naked, kissing and exploring each other's hard bodies and throbbing cocks. Angelo is ready to suck some cock and gives Samuel a spit-soaked blowjob before lying back to get his turn from Samuel. Angelo's dick is rock hard as Samuel licks and sucks it while rubbing down his ripped abs and massive pecs. He then spreads Angelo's legs wide and goes to work on his hole. Angelo is really turned on and fingers himself as Samuel tongues his hot hole. Samuel's cock needs more attention, so he climbs up on Angelo and fucks his face push-up style while Angelo hold his legs. These two muscle men are strong! Angelo is a hungry cocksucker and swallows down Samuels cock and both balls! Samuel pounds Angelo's hot ass in three positions while rimming and fingering him until both studs blow their creamy white loads.CLICK HERE

Fit For Service -- Mustang Studios
Making sure our servicemen are Fit for Service is a tough job. Luckily there are the skilled medics whose crackerjack training has prepared them to properly treat the soldiers...and their privates.CLICK HERE

Erik Rhodes and Samuel Colt
Studly Samuel Colt is working in the porn stock room preparing shipments, when big, beefy Erik Rhodes appears, bringing some boxes. Before long Erik is gagging himself willingly with Erik's tool for an all-star blow job. Soon it's muscled man pounding into muscled man the grunt and groans growing louder as Samuel lays Erik's back on the table and puts his leg in the air so he can really slam him deep. CLICK HERE

Darkroom, Mustang Studios
The chambers of a dark heart can house the feverish fantasies of a wicked imagination. Anything and anyone is fair game in this naughty and voyeuristic culture. And it can all be captured and recorded just as desired in any photograph, imagined or real. CLICK HERE

Woodshop Directed by Chris Ward Wood working has never been hotter than the hammering that takes place in this Woodshop. Hall-of-Fame director, Chris Ward assembles a rough and rugged crew of master carpenters who are drilling experts. Check out Steve Vex nailing Angelo Marconi, Samuel Colt boring into Damien Drake, Roman Heart (in his first Raging Stallion movie) getting hammered by Morgan Black and Tom Wolfe driving his wood deep into Trent Locke.CLICK HERE

He's Got A Big Package
Packed with hard-driving, masculine sex, He's Got a Big Package is about big-dicked warehouse stiffs, who give a different meaning to packing, unloading and delivering goods. CLICK HERE

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Bystander a dit…

Cock's gift for healing the hole of vacancy has seldom been more soothingly exhibited.

Anonyme a dit…

Sam, is a real mega stud. He not a pretty boy. He is a mans man.And that cock is nice and ridgid.

Anonyme a dit…

Tough love

Anonyme a dit…

Sam is THE masculine stud.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for sharing..Samuel is a musclestud.. love the guy's smile and ears

puggerpete a dit…

I have only seen one pic of him with a shaved body. Does anyone know where it came from or how to find that photoshoot? Stupidly I didn't save the one I found. Thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

There is something so powerful, yet sensitive about Samuel. He truly is a gift to look at -- adorable ears, handsome face, massive chest, incredible ass, and the most delicious looking feet!
Samuel Colt is the ideal man!!!

Anonyme a dit…

i love sam colt, but enough with the kilt photos. they've been posted fifty times!

Anonyme a dit…

Sexiest man alive!!

glen0330 a dit…

A great collection of pics

Anonyme a dit…


SergioJuan a dit…

Samuel Colt, es un hombre realmente bello, un modelazo. Todas las publicaciones de este blog me encantan, lo veo a diario. Pero la de hoy es genial.

eduardo a dit…

beautiful ,blond ,huge, beffy and furry Samuel colt is fuckin hot!
nice post dude!