vendredi 31 mai 2013

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete & RJ Danvers
Hot, hairy RJ Danvers is worked up and ready to drop to his knees for Latino Pistol Pete. RJ takes every inch of the Latin studs cock into his mouth making it rock hard. Pete fucks his throat then turns RJ over to get access to his hairy hole. Pete works gets it open and wet for his big, uncut, pleasure pole. Pete fills RJ with his hard meat stick and soon RJ is pushing back and grinding to get more of this studs hard fat cock inside. A switch of positions and RJ is riding Petes cock, working the thrusting to his own satisfaction. Before long Pete pulls out and shoots his load all over RJs already cream-filled chest. The two collapse under the hot stage lights in a pool of their own sweat and cum.CLICK HERE

Bruno & Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete and Bruno start their steamy video by passionately kissing - tongues flying everywhere - and feeling each other's impressively built bodies. Pete works his way down to Bruno's big pecs, sucking on his nipples while Bruno cries out in pleasure. Still wearing his leather vest, Bruno then shoves his cock up Pete's hole, his muscles barely containable beneath his skin as he puts everything into plowing that sweet hole.CLICK HERE

Port of Entry - Scene 3
On a break, dockworker Pistol Pete watches Tristan Jaxx as he loads crates. Bored and horny, he decides he'd prefer to go work on Tristan! Pete signals Tristan by rubbing his cock through his pants and soon Tristan signals back with a rub of his own. Pete approaches Tristan and unzips his co-worker's pants, pull out his large uncut cock and places deep down his throat. He holds the back of Petes head and slowly fucks his face. Pete then takes a step back and unleashes his own tool for sucking. Tristan then bends Pete over the loading dock and fucks him with his meat stick.CLICK HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

one of my all time favourites- such a handsome stud. Perfect in every way!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Brutos-Eros,

Like him very much. Nice balance beetween bottom and top ! Manly and attractive ! And these dark eyes like coals ... mmm !
What about recent movies ?
Why doesn't he shoot with Lucas Ent ?