samedi 4 mai 2013

Dirk Jager

Playback - Scene 7
Dirk is big, muscled, ripped from head to toe and aggressive as fuck. Remy is a hot young punk with an attitude who loves sex and loves to be pushed around by a hot top. Though Dirk is the aggressor he still gets down on his knees for some nice cock sucking action. The two take turns giving and receiving head in a dark and mechanical elevator room before Dirk fucks Remy hard with abandon.CLICK HERE

Dirk Jager and Luc Bonay
If you manage to not blow your load on first sight of Dirk Jager's ripped abs, kudos to you because we guarantee it's incredibly difficult. Those with the ability to push past the first few seconds of this will find a rough and aggressive fuck between two shaved-headed hotties with amazing bods. Dirk plows his way into Luc Bonay's ass with considerable force finishing off with a cum facial for his well-behaved fuck toy.CLICK HERE

Matt, Anthony & Dirk
This release has it all including plenty of big dick and hairy pecs to drool over. First Matt Cole fucks Anthony Martinez, then Anthony fucks Matt, before super stud and ripped to the shit house, Dirk Jager comes in and has a turn with insatiable Mr. Cole. All three have nice cocks which makes for a great bedroom-fuck.CLICK HERE

Mirage - Scene 7
Dirk Jager is a Sheik, relaxing in his palace. He is in his boudoir with his concubine (Matthieu Paris), a room richly furnished with silks, gold, and lush carpets. The sex begins with a violent oral scene, with Matthieu gagging furiously as he tries to take Dirk's long cock. Dirk's washboard abs (he was trained as an Olympic gymnast) strain as he thrusts his dick down an open throat. But the Sheik is not interested in just a blowjob - he throws his fuck toy over on the bed and delivers powerful strokes that Matthieu can barely take. Arabian cum soon erupts from both dicks.CLICK HERE

Dirk Jager and Remy Delaine
Dirk Jager and Remy Delaine tear each other apart in this video. Dirk is the aggressor but also gets down on his knees for some nice cock sucking action. The two take turns giving and receiving head in the dark and mechanical elevator room. When they move back into the hall Remy offers his ass up like the pig bottom he is.CLICK HERE

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