samedi 23 mars 2013

Fred Faurtin

Marco Di Lucca & Fred Faurtin
Fred Faurtin fucks Marco di LuccaCLICK HERE

Derrick Hanson & Fred Faurtin
Fred Faurtin is one of the hottest stars coming out of Europe. He has a sculpted body and a huge, needy French cock, and who better to take care of it than Derrick Hanson? Derrick is an excellent cocksucker, and the oral part of this video is picture perfect. It is cock worship at its finest - so good that their encounter is interrupted with a massive set of cum shots! Derrick then points his ass at Fred, his fingers playing with his hole in an unmistakable invitation! Fuck yeah!!CLICK HERE

Savage - Scene 1
Steve Cruz uses big black rope to stroke his cock and tie himself up. Frenchman Fred Faurtin comes along, finding Steve tied to a fuck bench, and uses the opportunity to get some quality cock sucking. Fred's huge, fat, uncut cock excites Steve to no end and he swallows the massive cock without hesitation. Fred and Steve take turns spitting while Steve sucks away. Fred then shoves a condom on and pushes deep into Steve's ass, fucking him aggressively. Fred knows how to fuck and he tears Steve apart. CLICK HERE

Instinct - Scene 8
Manuel Torres is a Latin man with furry pecs to die for. Fred Faurtin is a hot French fucker with a lightly splashed hairy physique and Brett Mathews has an all American college boy look with a lightly hairy front. So put all three of these sexy men together, throw in a touch of leather and a sling and you have a threeway photo set to go down with the best of them.CLICK HERE

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Fred is the perfect top-he knows how to fuck and give the bottom pleasure beyond belief