lundi 21 janvier 2013

Carlos Gustavo

Public Menace
Stag Homme introduces tatted up and hairy muscle-god Carlos Gustavo in his porn debut as he takes you a long with him throughout the city wanking his fat cock in the most daring locations all in broad daylight; a laundry mat and public stairwell in a square both of which have full length windows, in a rowboat in a highly-trafficked city park lake, in a shop, and even in the actual streets of the city center with people walking by. Carlos Gustavo is one hot fucker who shows you what balls he has in this 100% guerilla adventure, "Public Menace".CLICK HERE

Good Times
Brazilian muscle-daddy Carlos Gustavo sure knows how to have a good time. Enter again that gorgeous and insatiable bubble butt boy Abel Pozsar who's always up for a good ride. get into the groove right now at stag Homme with "Good Times".CLICK HERE

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marco a dit…

so sexy,the kind of stud i'd let go all the way with me,paddle and whip me into a frenzy,violate,fuck and fill me with his cum,sweat and fuck me for hours,and do it all again