vendredi 28 décembre 2012

Steve Hunt

Bodyguards - Austin & Steve
Two security guards get frisky in the monitor room, neglecting their duties to focus on each other's raging boners. After some reciprocal blow jobs, our furry hottie Steve Hunt gives up that hot ass to his smooth, muscled companion Austin, who gets really kinky by slapping him round while pounding his hole. Steve even tweaks his own nipples a bit while getting fucked and leaves a hot load all over the desk.CLICK HERE

Flavio & Steve
Things get a bit messy for Flavio and Steve when their rugby strategy session gets intimate. All that talking about scrums and balls was bound to have an affect. When these two take off their rugby gear, you won't believe the incredibly buff bodies they're hiding, not to mention their equally matched uncut cocks. After an intense sucking session they fuck on the table in their locker room and make it a training session neither of them are likely to forget.CLICK HERE

Steve Hunt, Antonio Rinaldi, Rod Stevens
In the prison infirmary, Antonio, Rod and Steve find all new ways to aid their recovery, including getting their stunning physiques into a spitroast and skewering ass and mouth in equal measure. Prison is supposed to by rough, right? Well, it certainly looks that way if this threesome is anything to go by.CLICK HERE

College Cocks 2 - Lucio & Steve
School's out for the afternoon, but if this college student thinks he's going to get some reading done on school grounds, he's got another think coming. When he spots another student jerking off in the bushes, these guys decide to combine there efforts for a group study session. What eventuates is a hot outdoor fuck session with skills these hotties would never have learned in a classroom.CLICK HERE

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French Kiss !

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Ese Steve Hunt.... Muy pasivo, se nota como goza cada metida y aún conserva su erección, no había visto algo así