dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Conner Habib

Christian Wilde, Derrek Diamond, and Conner Habib
Conner Habib starts of this threeway encounter by sucking off his well-hung buddies Derrek and Christian. After giving them their oral demands, they treat him to a skewering at both ends with their massive tools, making this furball one very happy young man.CLICK HERE

Conner Habib & Danny Tagger
Young, hairy Conner Habib is making out with boy next door Danny Taggart. Conner wants cock and finds it in Dannys jeans. He slurps and spits while Danny slaps his eager cocksucker on the face with his rock hard tool. Conner pushes Danny down on the couch to get his own cock sucked. Conner fucks his face and until he decides he wants a taste of Dannys ass. He tongues his hole and licks his hairy ass until its Dannys turn at Conners hot hole. Danny spit lubes Conners hairy hole in preparation to fuck it. Conner wants his hole filled and lets Danny know how bad he wants it. The energy is high and the talk is nasty as the boys fuck hard. Conner blows a truly giant load and Danny soon follows with a massive load of his own.CLICK HERE

Conner Habib & Aybars
By a fountain we find Conner Habib and Aybars for an Arab-on-Arab showdown. Their encounter unfolds slowly, with passionate kissing and sucking as these men caress each other. When the time comes for Aybars to shove his huge throbbing cock into Conner's hole, there is only a moment of pain before the pleasure begins.CLICK HERE

Conner Habib
Bruno Bond films Conner Habib from the set of the Raging Stallion movie Tales of the Arabian Nights. Conner lounges on Persian carpets and shows off hairy hole while rubbing his thick cock until he blows a giant load.CLICK HERE

Tristan Jaxx and Conner Habib
Utility vehicles have lots of uses, but we think Conner Habib and Tristan Jaxx may just have found a brand new one to add to that list. After Tristan uses that very naughty (and well-trained mouth) on Conner's cock and hungry hole, he boosts the hairy pocket rocket up on the end of the truck so he can ride his cock. The abandoned parking lot has never seen so much hot action!CLICK HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

Connor...Habib? Sorry, the name is just truly laughable. I'm sure it's not his real name, so why go with this one? - Montana Cowboy

glen_mc a dit…


JamTheCat a dit…

He is such a doll. Truly a cutie.