jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Renato Bellagio

Claudio Antonelli, Renato Bellagio & Giusseppe Pardi
Nothing says team building like a post-match threesome and that's just what Giusseppe, Renato and Claudio had in mind for this video. The buff soccers studs use their lockerroom as an impromptu setting for their naughty activities and show off their fine physiques while fucking each other.CLICK HERE

Fred, Peter & Renato
This steamy shower scene features an couple of severely hot jocks. When our showering bald hottie gets a visit from a fellow buff stud he begins by showing off his superior oral skills both with cock and tight holes. As a reward he gets completely nailed by the shaven-headed hottie all over the shower room, riding his beautiful cock till he blows a big messy load he'll undoubtedly have to shower again to get rid of.CLICK HERE

Lockdown Scene 4 - Jack Dragon, Renato Bellagio & Chris Sparrow
Jailhouse sex has never been hotter, especially when the rough guards on duty are mammoth and tattooed Jack Dragon, and hunky Renato Bellagio. Renato drags young and smaller Chris Sparrow from the jail cell and into the toilets where a waiting Jack wastes no time roughing him up. The pair use and abuse the inmate, shoving their batons up his ass as they fuck him, before cumming all over his face! HOT!CLICK HERE

Masters and Servants - Rogerio, Renato and David
Sharing your servant is best! Masters Renato Bellagio and David Rivera are the masters and Rogerio Mateo is the servant who aims to please. And please he does, right up to the three yummy cum shots. CLICK HERE

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