vendredi 2 novembre 2012

Michael Soldier

A Porn Star is Born Scene 2 - Michael Soldier and Shane Rollins
Its red-hot sex when Michael Soldier and smokin hot Shane Rollins get together. Their sensual encounter proves Rollins to be quite the performer from shoving his hot cock in Soldier's hungry mouth shoving his cock deep up his hole. Soldier takes it all with pleasure and looks so happy to be getting his ass pumped. The pleasure continues until he explodes with a load worthy of the attention he's being paid.CLICK HERE

Michael & Buck
When you have a ripped, hairy body like Michael Soldier, you can afford to boss people round, which is exactly what he does to delivery man Buck Phillips. He throat fucks the hungry cock eater, shoving his big dick in and out with aggressive force and even sticking his fingers down there. A bit later he lubes up his fingers with saliva again and goes exploring in Buck's hole before inserting his cock in for a hot and heavy ride. CLICK HERE

Jason, Max & Michael
This video has it all - a two way, a solo, another two way, and finally a three way - all shot on a mountain top in the desert and featuring plenty of BIG dick! Jason Dean, Max Grand and Michael Soldier star alongside a vivid backdrop for their lusty lovemaking, the mountains and desert serve to return all of us to our primal instincts - SEX in the great outdoors. Soldier can't resist their tempting cocks, so he drops down and gets a two dick fucking that leaves him breathless in the sand. Simply amazing! CLICK HERE

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