dimanche 18 novembre 2012

Michael Brandon

Michael Brandon Fucks Francois Sagat
After cruising each other in the field, Michael leads Francois down into the forest to a dried up river bed - a private and relaxing place that is perfect for one of those monster cock plow-fuckings that'll have you licking your screens in awe.CLICK HERE

Riley Porter & Michael Brandon
Blond bottom Riley Porter's pink, well used hole gets reamed, first by Brandon's pointy tongue, then by his massive club of a cock. And oh man is it an impressive fuck; with Porter taking every inch of Brandon's long dick.CLICK HERE

Michael Brandon and Caedon Chase
Caedon Chase wants to be schooled by the great Michael Brandon in this video. He teases Caedon's asshole with sharp tongue jabs; then force feeds the novice his juicy cock. The young submissive then gets on all fours with his surly Master ready and anxious to mount him. Michael grabs his jockstrap like reins, slams his cock inside his underling's butt crack and rides hard.CLICK HERE

Michael & Matt
Secured up in a sling, Matt Fuller gets a very nice rimming from Michael Brandon down below, who takes the time to whack Matt's huge cock against his own head while he's putting his tongue to work. After smacking his own monster on Matt's head, Michael gets down to what he does best and sticks that massive fucker deep inside Matt's ass. When he's sure he's going to feel it for many a day to come, he wips it out to cum all over Matt's ass.CLICK HERE

Erik, Tag, Michael & Jason
Alternating between Tag Adams and Jason Dean, Erik Campbell fucks the snot out of both voracious bottoms, delivering the kind of pounding that you can only see here at HairyBoyz.com They go at it full tilt, getting almost to the cumming point when Michael Brandon comes in to finish things off. When Brandon enters a room, even the tops become bottoms, and top dog Erik Campbell becomes Brandon's first man-bitch as he opens up Erik's virgin hole with his world famous cock. It's an initiation that Erik will never forget! And guess what? He likes it!CLICK HERE

Ivan & Michael
We doubt seeing Michael Brandon's legendary cock will ever cease to amaze us here at Xtra Inches, and we see them day-in and day-out. In this new video with Ivan Andros he's happy to lay back on a deck chair by the pool and let the buff hunk ride his monster, dishing out orders on how to properly shove it deeper in his tight ass. Later on he gets a little more active, really forcing that cock deep inside until Ivan blows a load into the porn star's mouth, Michael even deep throats it a little once he's done. CLICK HERE

Francois, Michael & Mike
Can you think of a bigger star power couple than Michael Brandon and Francois Sagat? Seeing these two champions of the industry together feels like a once-in-a-lifetime event, and they do not disappoint. Brandon and Mike Power start the scene off with a bit of oral and mutual jerking where Brandon explains his need to fuck Sagat, lucky for him he gets his chance within a few minutes. When Sagat finally cums after being pounded by Brandon's famous cock, just wait till you see the size of the load he produces. A video not to be missed!CLICK HERE

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