jeudi 29 novembre 2012

Adam Faust

8 1/2, Wurstfilm/Dark Alley Media
Guys with huge meat fucking horny bottoms who can't get enough. Four scenes of non-stop sex, with an introduction from Masturbate Theater. Rarely in the history of modern film does a classic like this appear. With the brilliance of a master auteur, von Fistenberg captures the full potential of cinematic story-telling through four extended sex scenes with eight monster-hung actors à all hung at least 8½ inches. Its a landmark in adult cinema! Its a masterpiece! Its hot guys fucking! Prepare to be moved by the performances of these incomparable stars, immortalized here forever in this Masturbate Theatre Classics Collection of the one and only von Fistenbergs.CLICK HERE

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

He's 5'3" tall at the most....He's a cute little guy.

vbswhard a dit…

mmm. hot!!