samedi 27 octobre 2012

Junior Stellano

Junior Stellano
Bruno has managed to get his hands on the absolutely stunning Junior Stellano. This furry, ripped muscle stud has one of the most perfect bodies in the biz. It has just the right amount of body hair spread across that finely tuned physique and his buzzed head brings a real masculine quality to him. In this solo he spreads himself on our dark sheets and has some fun with his hot cock and balls for the camera.CLICK HERE

Junior Sellano & Bruno Bond
Bruno begins his hot one-one-one with muscle-stud Junior by reaching down and feeling Juniors still wet open hole. Then Bruno fucks Junior in a sling hanging from the bed. It is a tender yet energetic fuck. Then the two flip and Junior fucks Bruno on the bed. Finally Bruno fucks Junior a final time and they both finish with creamy loads. CLICK HERE

RJ Danvers & Junior Stellano
Built from head to toe with hairy muscle and tattoos, Junior Stellano is escaping work with an afternoon jerk. RJ enters and is quickly transformed from co-worker to cocksucker, first working on Junior's balls and then back to that massive rod. Junior then works his way down RJ's hairy chest to his cock, taking the whole thing in his mouth. With RJ rock hard, Junior lays him back, licking his lips before diving in and warming up RJ's hole with his tongue. When he's finally inside him, Junior fucks like a champ as RJ whines and whimpers like a good bottom.CLICK HERE

The Visitor - Junior Stellano
Junior strips off in a side laneway, using trash cans and the flat brick wall to help create some very seductive positions in this solo performance. That hairy, tattooed muscle looks fantastic in the soft light and Stellano again shows why he's the hottest property around at the moment.CLICK HERE

Junior Stellano & Ryan Patrick
Part two of Junior's extreme encounter with hot red-head Ryan sees Stellano stretch the young studs hole with his bare fist, sinking it deeper and deeper. Stellano turns the junkyard dog over and both men stroke their raging, throbbing cocks. Patrick grips his cock tight as he jerks his dick hard until he explodes his load all over his sweat-soaked body. Stellano, with beads of sweat covering his hard muscled body, also pumps his hard cock and spews his load all over Patricks white skin.CLICK HERE

The Visitor - Scene 1
Angelo and Junior head to a side alley for their hot fuck. They kiss passionately and their shirts come off revealing Angelos large, smooth chest and Juniors hairy, Italian body. Soon Angelo is on his knees sucking Juniors fat cock and Junior reciprocates by working Angelos cock shortly after. Next up, Junior buries his face between Angelos ass cheeks and devours his hole, getting it worked up and ready for his engorged cock. In no time he's deep inside the Latin studs tight hole with Angelo moaning in pleasure.CLICK HERE

Nailed & Screwed
In the great tradition of dark and dirty Raging Stallion movies, "Nailed & Screwed" hits the mark with the hottest cast of the year. In the dusty depths of a basement bworkshop, Raging Stallion's finest find a few moments to bang and screw out their sexual frustrations. Testosterone drips like sweat as the blue collar buds dispel any notion of the stereotypical working class straight dude.CLICK HERE

Junior Stellano, Tristan Jaxx, Austin Wilde & Spencer Reed
What a collection of kinky cuties we have here. Led by ripped, muscular Spencer Reed, he commands Austin Wilde and Tristan Jaxx to service his large cock before doing the same to intruder Junior Stellano. Ready for more, Junior gets a rambunctious hard fuck from each stud. First Austin, then Tristan, and finally Spencer all filling Juniors hole with their giant cocks.CLICK HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

this guy has some great lookin feet too, I wish they would feature them more......

Humberto a dit…

This mans has perfect body, I love him!

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One hot man stud!