dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Aitor Crash


Leo Mack & Aitor Crash
Rough dominant Aitor Crash tops cute young bottom twink Leo Mack in this uber hot and dominant scene. Aitor spits on Leo's face and spanks his ass before forcing him to suck his cock. Aitor fucks Leo real hard, forcing him to take his cock deep in his ass before Aitor shoots on Leo's ass.CLICK HERE

Tober Brandt and Aitor Crash
Aitor is a skilled cocksucker and he pins down fellow jock Tober for a good round of deep-throatin'. Tober flips Aitor over in the course of a good asshole chow down and does his best to climb into Aitor's chute headfirst. Aitor returns the favor like a good dog and licks Tober's cornhole spotless. Slimed up and ready Tober jumps Aitor, holds him down, and nails his ass. This is one hell of a fuckfest, and these big shitheads are playing for keeps.CLICK HERE

Aitor Crash and Damian Rios
Aitor Crash and Damian Rios are in a dugout waiting for their next play. But the sport turns out to be with each other. Aitor finds convenient access to Damian's ass through a zipper in the back of his pants. Aitor chows down, eating his ass real good before beating on it with a baseball bat. These two sporty piggies find all ways to work around their gear to get access to each other's manly parts, sucking cock and plowing ass.CLICK HERE

Nick Piston & Aitor Crash
Nick Piston teams with Spanish stud Aitor Crash in this video. The two meet in a dive bar but don't speak each other's language. So they fuck. Aitor plows Nick's throat without mercy. Then he bends Nick over and mangles his pretty white ass crack. Aitor opens his big Latin-stud ass and Nick's fat cock splits him open but good!CLICK HERE

Stag Fight
Stag Fight is the first DVD put out by Stag Homme Studios, the hot new company owned by Damien Crosse and Francesco Dimacho! We think that Stag Homme might end up being the next big studio--yes, its that good. This is an absolute MUST OWN for all fans of Damien and Franceso--and for fans of incredible all male fucking and sucking. This is beautifully filmed filthy sex that will drive you wild. We are so sure that you will love this movie that we are offering a money back guarantee on every purchase!CLICK HERE

Antonio Biaggi & Aitor Crash
There's so much to love about this one-on-one between Antonio and Aitor, starting with Antonio burying his face in Aitors ass, getting it ready for his own 11-inch uncut cock. Before long Antonio bends Aitor over the black leather sofa and begins to fuck his hole. Aitor wants the control and gets on top of Antonio to ride his horse hung meat like hes riding a bucking bronco. Crash is in his element as his tongue wags and he barks like a dog.CLICK HERE

Antonio Biaggi & Aitor Crash
Antonio is photographing the sweet ass and stunning muscular physique on Aitor when his lust can no longer be contained through the lens. He spreads Aitor's cheeks, still secured in a jock strap, and lets his tongue prove his admiration. But it's not long before Aitor is the one in awe when he sees the heat Antonio is packing between his legs. The bald and bearded couple show give each other the proper dues, sucking and fucking in a scene we imagine Antonio wished he could capture with his camera as well.CLICK HERE

On The Job - Scene 1
You guys wont be able to take your eyes off Antonio Biaggi, playing an erotic photographer with an eye on his hot beefy model, Aitor Crash in a red jock. Well more to the point, you won't be able to take your eyes off his 11-inch uncut Latin cock. Aitor is no exception and cant resist the huge meat, offering his mouth and ass as pleasuring machines. Plenty of spit and plenty of cum follow.CLICK HERE

Fist My Butt - Scene 3
We couldn't think of a better one-on-one fisting-fest than with the legendary Steve Cruz and stunning buff performer Aitor Crash. Aitor starts this sweet video by burying head into Steve Cruz's ass, using his tongue and facial hair to extra effect. Steve then returns the favor before sticking his fist into Aitor's smooth ass. Aitor looks calm and thoroughly pleasured by the experience, just lying there with a look of satisfaction throughout the ordeal.CLICK HERE

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