mercredi 1 août 2012

Drago Lembeck

Drago Lembeck, Jake Havoc & Lacuis Gross
Drago, Jake and Lacuis are three very handsome cyclists that take a route to the wild side in this threeway video. Ducking off the normal track, the three studs engage in a hot threesome choosing to ride each other rather than just their bikes.CLICK HERE

Nico Sideropolus, Drago Lembeck & Felix Slovace
These ripped and smooth young Euro boys get an unexpected visitor as they're sucking each other off in the supposed empty house. Soon voyeur becomes a player in their game of hide the hot Euro cock and it's an all out threeway of sweat, flesh, sucking and fucking.CLICK HERE

Julian Vincenzo & Lucio Maverick
With junior mobsters Kozec and Scott helping, Vincenzo and Maverick get their jollies tormenting abductee Lembeck, who is forced to suck cocks through a hole in the bag covering his head. Kozec and Scott prove to be master ass drillers, gouging Lembecks fuck hole. In an incredibly hot facial cum shot, Lembeck flinches at the force of Kozecs creamy spray all over his kisser.CLICK HERE

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