samedi 21 juillet 2012

Vinnie D'Angelo



Vinnie D'Angelo and Logan McCree
Logan makes the first move in this video, and reaches over for Vinnie's cock. Vinnie expels a sigh of relief as Logan goes down on his tool. The pair continues as they entwine their bodies into sucking and deep kissing. They begin sensually fucking and it's as if their bodies were molded for each other. Logan takes Vinnie's thick cock up his ass as he moans with pleasure. Their intensity and passion builds until they cum in ecstasy and collapse on top of each other.CLICK HERE

The Drifter - Scene 4
Ever wanted to know what a real muscle butt looks like? Look no further than the scrumptious Vinnie D'Angelo, whose buff bod looks amazing under the natural light of this outdoor solo session in the woods. He's come out of his cabin to give us an old fashion jerk-off and we bet there'll be plenty of you wishing they could kick Logan McCree out and bunk with him in there with him instead.CLICK HERE

Porn Stars In Love - Raging Stallion
Description: Real Porn Stars, real couples, having real sex. It's as simple and hot as that. Some of the biggest names in the business are lovers in real life and here, in all their glory, they fuck and suck for the camera like they do at home. Director Ben Leon said it this way: "My intention is to catch some authenticity, moments of vulnerability and of course down and dirty sex. I think these four scenes each have real and distinct personality and intense man on man action." CLICK HERE

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