mercredi 4 juillet 2012

Sex - Morgan Black & Jason Michaels

Morgan Black and Jason Michaels in 'All The Way'
Tan, furry boy Jason Michaels is very happy to be making out with the very, sexy man Morgan Black. Morgan is happy about Jason's hairy ass and can't wait to get at it with his tongue and cock! He decides to make Jason work for it and lays back so the boy can service his big, curved cock. Jason works happily to make his Daddy's cock rock hard and and wet for his ass. Morgan then warms up the boy's hole with his tongue as Jason loosens his hole with his fingers. Morgan then pushes the boy down and fucks him from behind, making his bubble butt bounce in rhythm to his pounding.Then he flips the boy over and pounds him some more as Jason looks up at him greedily with lust. Morgan pulls out to blast the boy in his face with a giant load with sets off Jason with his own electric explosion.CLICK HERE

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