mardi 22 mai 2012

Sex - Paul Wagner & Adam Champ

Paul Wagner takes Adam Champ
Paul and Adam are unloading hay when Paul rubs on his crotch and pulls out his tasty veiny poll - and his fellow cow hand can't resist. Adam gets right on Paul's pole with his mouth and after Paul fucks Adams mouth, Adam jumps up on the tailgate for a heavy make out session that ends with Paul pulling Adam's cock out so he can go down on the furry man's huge dick. Adam manhandles Paul, spinning him around so he can pound him in the ass. Paul bends over and grabs on the bed of the pickup so he can take Adams intense thrusts, the dark meat plowing into this hot white ass is a sight to see.CLICK HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

A nice fuck

Anonyme a dit…

Love that beautiful dick-and that's a good fuck