vendredi 11 mai 2012

Rod Stevens

Rod, Lucio, Garcia & Glenn
Leather-clad, aggressive and desperately horny, don't miss these European studs engage in one of the roughest and kinkiest fucks we've seen in a long while. If group play is your cup of tea, you'll love the dynamic this quartet have going.CLICK HERE

Steve Hunt, Antonio Rinaldi, Rod Stevens
In the prison infirmary, Antonio, Rod and Steve find all new ways to aid their recovery, including getting their stunning physiques into a spitroast and skewering ass and mouth in equal measure. Prison is supposed to by rough, right? Well, it certainly looks that way if this threesome is anything to go by.CLICK HERE

Lucio Maverick, Rod Stevens & Rock Bryan
Masked Lucio Maverick toys with Bryan, shoving his thick, meaty cock through the cage mesh so Bryan can suck it. Dog-collared uber bottom Rod Stevens saunters to the edge of the pool and puts on a fondling show for Maverick, who rises to the bait and engages the wiry muscle pup in an intense duo, including a riveting rim job. Maverick fucks at a manic pace, driving hard into the willing hole while Stevens holds on for dear life, grabbing Maverick's harness with one fist and a stair rail with the other.CLICK HERE

Julian Vincenzo, Rod Stevens and Freddy Costa
After these hot college boyz have been ordered into their dorms and the lights have been switched off, the fun really begins. Two late-night readers get bored of their studying and decide to suck on each other's cocks for a bit of a break. When they're discovered by their buff teacher, he enacts some punishment on them with his own fat cock. CLICK HERE

In the Wild - Jonathan & Rod
Inside a tent mosquitoes wake up burly, gorgeous Jonathan Collins. Hes way too horny to pass up a midnight quickie with feisty tent mate Rod Stevans. Collins flips his prey over and power fucks his hungry ass and when they switch to doggy style, the big hunk leaves no doubt whos in charge.CLICK HERE

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