dimanche 23 octobre 2011

David Taylor

David Taylor & Scott Tanner
There's very little we can add to explaining this video between Taylor and Tanner that isn't written across Tanner's face for much of the encounter. If you're going to accept a one-on-one with the piece of muscled perfection that is David Taylor, you better be willing to have your ass pay the price - and that Tanner does. It's worked over in almost every position imaginable. The seasoned bottom is even lifted up and has to hold on to Taylor round the neck while he's being pounded! Don't miss this rough-fucking bonanza! CLICK HERE

Port of Entry - Scene 4
Muscle stud David Taylor has no time to be subtle, pushing Bruno to his knees and getting him to suck voraciously on his cock to get things rolling in this video. Before long, David's balls demand Bruno's attention as well. He pulls Bruno up for a passionate kiss, then pushes him down into his chair for a chance at his dick. David complies with his boss' desire and bends him over the desk, giving his all to Brunos hairy hole. David grabs Brunos hips and rides his boss, pounding him hard and long. He then flips him on his back until he unleashes his cum all over his hairy stomach. Then it's David's turn to unleash his pent up load all over his kneeling boss' chin and chest.CLICK HERE

Menace - Scene 3
Latin heartthrob Angelo Marconi and stunning Californian hunk David Taylor kiss and grope to the driving rhythm of the beat. They massage each others hard bodies and David goes down and works Angelos nipple, biting, licking, and sucking. Angelo returns the favor, working Davids massive chest on his way down Davids happy trail to unleash Davids hard man-member. On all fours atop backstage scaffolding, Angelo arches his back as David mounts him from behind. David grabs his jock and slowly fucks Angelos sweet, smooth ass, watching his cock disappear inside the hot, tight hole. Angelo then sits on his tops massive legs and cock and David thrusts his manpole deep inside, increasing his rhythm till Angelo explodes his white manjuice all over his smoothed, tanned stomach.CLICK HERE

David Taylor and Lucky Daniels
Heading back to the Castro, Epoc watches the throngs of people walking the street. Epoc is in search for more but what is it that he seeks? He seeks the vibrations of pure love. Epoc watches two lovers, David Taylor and Lucky Daniels, on the street as they look at each other deeply and kiss with a soulful connection. They hurry back to their apartment to continue their heartfelt reunion. Epoc perches above and observes. The men move their lovemaking over to the bed and Epoc transports them over to his lab for closer study. David kisses down Lucky's body and takes his boyfriend's growing cock into his mouth, getting it all wet. David continues sucking then goes back up to Lucky's mouth to give him a taste. Lucky enjoys David's beautiful, tattooed body and works his way down to David's cock. Lucky loves his boyfriend's big, hard cock in his mouth but he soon climbs on top and aims it at his waiting hole. Lucky sits atop David's hard cock and rides it in pleasure, all while Epoc monitors their lovemaking. David then turns Lucky over to get at his beautifully formed round ass. David rubs the length of his cock between the cheeks of Lucky's smooth ass. He points his flesh torpedo at Lucky's hole and slowly pushes it in. David pumps his cock in and out of Lucky's tight hole until his pace picks up and he is fucking him hard. Lucky loves the feel of his lover's hard cock deep inside his ass, pulsating in and out. Lucky turns over so he can see David's face as he is getting pounded. David looks into the pleasure of his boyfriend's eyes as he pounds him to climax. David pulls out his cock and dumps his love stream all over Lucky. Exhausted, they collapse on top of one another, and Epoc's desire grows deeper.CLICK HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

David Taylor is one of the most magnificent porn artist I know ... He looks like hero from old romantic novel ... i love him.

Paul a dit…

AMEN to ANON DAVIS TAYLOR is a god I would hire him in minute to get naked