lundi 16 juillet 2012

Taurus Dean

Adam North and Taurus Dean
Adam North has a beautiful young body, lightly hairy and dotted with tattoos. He is anxious to fill his mouth with dick and Taurus is happy to provide. Taurus strips down to his undies and whips out his big curved dick. Adam takes the cock gently at first playing with the foreskin and licking the head before swallowing the length of it. Taurus then licks his way down Adam's body, spreads his asshole and shoves his tongue deep into the beautiful hole. When Adam gets all worked up he bends Taurus over and pumps him full of dick. Taurus is an avid bottom and Adam fills him with every inch of his dick. With Taurus on his back Adam fills his butt with dick until he explodes. Adam quickly pulls out, throws off the condom and shoots all over Taurus's abs CLICK HERE

Taurus Dean & Manuel Torres
Manuel has the huge cock and Taurus the hungry hole, so this video turns into a match made in heaven. Taurus and Manuel fuck in so many positions - each one carefully chosen to show off deep and powerful penetration. This is a showstopper of a encounter and one that you will play over and over again.CLICK HERE

Veteran stars Mason Garet and Taurus Dean light up the screen in this fisting party. First Taurus takes Masons ass with his cock, but fucking is just a prelude to the real action. Taurus wets his gloves and dives right in. Mason opens up easily and takes Taurus's fist with a groan. Taurus does double duty using first one hand and then the other, swimming in Mason's ass.CLICK HERE

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Un petit compatriote :) il a joué dans le 1er film de Titof, non ?