jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Enrico Belaggio

Enrico Bellagio & Raul
After a quick hello, Enrico and Raul get straight into the action, kissing and rubbing each other's muscular bodies before taking off their shirts and revealing their stunning physiques to the camera. When they're done sucking on each other's rock hard cocks, Enrico shoves his big tool in Raul and occasionally pulls it out so we can see the gaping hole he's left. Then the tables are turned and Enrico's the one being pounded hard.CLICK HERE

James Jones, Rice Hunter & Enrico Bellagio
In the depths of a sex club James, Rice and Enrico are engaging in a very hot threeway. The video begins with two of our stunning muscular trio making out on the couch. When the meat in their sandwich gets bored of shooting pool by himself, he decides to join in. Each guy takes takes a turn getting fucked! No hole is left empty and none of you will be left wanting for more!CLICK HERE

Masters and Servants - scene 6
Sipping some of the bubbly gets Steve Hunt horny for his servants Peter Shadow and Enrico Bellagio. Steve rubs Enricos crotch, getting it hard for his mouth. Steve begins to suck on Enricos uncut meat, while servant Peter watches. Wanting more cock, Steve turns his attention to Peters meat. Forcefully attacking Peters dick, Steve is cock hungry. And only his man-servants will do! Eager to please their master, Enrico and Peter kiss and suck Steves cock. Peter licks Steves hole while Enrico helps get better access to the ass, holding Steves legs further apart. Peter fingers Steves opening hole while Enrico sucks Steves uncut meat. Peters full nut sack hits Steves ass as he pounds the hole of his master. Enrico sucks Peters meat while pounding Steve. Master Steve wants some ass too, so he fucks Enricos asshole. CLICK HERE

Enrico, Fabrizio & Maurizio
These three stunning muscle jocks take to the couch for a hot group fuck. Taking turns sticking their dicks in each other's mouths (and then each other's holes) the groans and moans are constant. When their smooth, buff bodies can take no more of the heavy ass-plowing they swallow each other's cum to restore their protein stocks.CLICK HERE

Sebastian, Zoltan & Enrico
Sebastian Bronco and Zoltan Padlas are in the locker room and are well into a mutual JerkOff when pretty Enrico Belaggio joins them and heats up the action. He and Bronco orally tag team Padlass thick joint. Padlas and Belaggio take turns stuffing their uncut dicks between Broncos ass cheeks, and Broncos big chest gets coated with man cream.CLICK HERE

First Class - Enrico and Ludovic
After a hard day of flying aircraft all over the world, these pilots have decided to spread there wings in a whole new way. Starting with a bit of a massage to help de-stress, thing escalate between Enrico and Ludovic to the point that they're rimming, sucking and fucking all over the staff common room. Thank goodness an air stewardess didn't walk in or she'd be in for a rude shock after her shift.CLICK HERE

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