dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Sage Daniels

Swallow Seed Co - Scene 3
Dark, handsome Sage Daniels and furry blond Heath Anthony have just finished cleaning the office kitchen when Sage convinces Heath that they should both jerk off to relieve tension. They lower their pants behind the counter and stroke their beautiful cocks. Sage unloads his hot spunk in Heaths eager mouth. After a hot fuck, Heath then feeds Sage his load, which Sage drools back into Heaths mouth. Quite a mouthful.CLICK HERE

Golden Gate: Season 2 Episode 1
For our first "solo" in Season 2 of Golden Gate, is actually a "double": Both stars of Episode one - Sage Daniels and Jesse Santana - are jerking it for you. Why not watch these studs pleasure themselves before they pleasure each other? Makes perfect sense to us.CLICK HERE

2 commentaires:

mecobagne a dit…

très sexy ce Daniel !

Anonyme a dit…

Dang! When did Jesse Santana go and grow up (that's him in the clip, not Sage)? He used to be this cute young thing, and now he's this hot, pierced Macho Man! I like it! I'd like to see more of the 'adult' Jesse...and Sage is hot, too, of course!