lundi 13 août 2012

Anal Play


Trunks 6
Hot House Superstar Matt Cole returns to Palm Springs, the hottest destination in America, to suit up with Kyle King and a host of Speedo clad hotties in Trunks 6! Steven Scarborough has once again assembled a world-class lineup of beefcake who pack their bulging muscles into skimpy Speedos and sweat it out poolside in the 107 degree heat. Also starring Bo Dean, Damien Stone, Gavin Waters, John Magnum, JR Matthews, Topher DiMaggio, and Troy Daniels, Trunks 6 proves once again that there's hot - and then there's HOT: so get ready to sweat!CLICK HERE

Picture Perfect
Erotic photographer Dylan Roberts mischievously directs his studly models, including Marc Dylan, Angelo Marconi and Charlie Harding, in Picture Perfect blazing scenarios. He wants scorching action and exchanges in his final shots, and his models deliver beyond his expectations. His subjects may not be ready for the dirty directions they receive, but once they get going, they're unstoppable. The excitement builds and the hormones and raw sexuality take over, giving frame after frame of Picture Perfect man sex. Finally, after seeing all of this action from behind the camera, our rascally photographer emerges to play out his own fantasy with a hot model. CLICK HERE

Grunts: New Recruits - Scene 6
The ultimate gay-for-pay top, Ricky Sinz, gets two lots of ass to sort through in this military-themed encounter with hairball RJ Danvers and River Fiasco. He's about the only man we know is up to the job of tackling these wild, uncontainable stars and has the reins on them tight.CLICK HERE

Jimmy Trips & Rick Powers
In the middle of a deserted barn, Jimmy Trips and Rick Powers roll around in the hay for some animal-like one-on-one fucking. After so mutual oral appreciation it's straight into the deep, penetrative anal. Strap in, this is a rough ride.CLICK HERE

Antonio Biaggi & RJ Danvers
Antonio pulls out his thick, uncut dick and RJ is on his knees working on the massive task in not time. Antonio then bends RJ over the stockroom workbench and dives into his furry ass with his tongue, before shoving his thick cock into RJs eager hole. Antonio pumps RJ in multiple positions trying to satisfy RJs insatiable desire to be fucked. before leaving a load on his ass.CLICK HERE

Border Patrol Scene 2 - Akos G & Attila Kialt
Akos, a tattooed hunk with a cut figure and a boyish look is using binoculars during his patrol of the river when bodybuilder Atilla K. sneaks up behind him to rub his ass! The pair of border security officers then forget about watching for the crims and focus on fucking in broad daylight instead. Watching he smaller guy overpower the bigger guy and fuck his ass is just one highlight in this muscle bound fuck vid.CLICK HERE

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