lundi 14 février 2011

Rogerio Mateo

Glenn Santoro, Rogerio Mateo & Rick Bauer
Going out for a morning jog, these two jocks discover a scantily-clad muscle boy in a seemingly abandoned apartment block. Within seconds it becomes apparent that he'd like to see these runners in very little as well and they've soon taken out their big cocks in compliance. He sucks and jerks them through his gate and they leave a load of cum on his smooth ass in thanks. What a morning workout!CLICK HERE

Masters and Servants - Rogerio, Renato and David
Sharing your servant is best! Masters Renato Bellagio and David Rivera are the masters and Rogerio Mateo is the servant who aims to please. And please he does, right up to the three yummy cum shots. CLICK HERE

Horse Club - Nick and Rogerio
Nick Silver is a horny stable hand who begins jerking off lying down on the hay during his morning chores. Along comes Rogerio Mateo, walking his dog and looking every bit the well-to-do owner. He hears Nick pulling his cock and spy's for a bit before walking into the stable and shoving his appropriately horse hung dick in Nicks mouth. He then fucks him sideways, doggie and rides him hard till they both shoot.CLICK HERE

Ransom - Glen santoro & Rogerio Mateo
If you're going to fuck in style, where better than a stretch hummer? Glenn and Rogerio certainly seem to be enjoying their luxurious setting. It's a rough and bumpy ride that has nothing to do with the road they're driving on: these guys just want hot and heavy ass-pounding action and can make their on hard thrusts without the aid of speed bumps. Both guys have incredible bodies that look amazing on top of each other while they're engaged in their back-seat romp.CLICK HERE

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