vendredi 1 juin 2012

Dominic Sol

Jesse Santana and Dominic Sol
Dominic Sol is quick to prove his cred as the company's big cocksucker so letting Jesse Santana hold onto the back of his head, he slurps up his buddy's thick shaft. Then Dominic mounts the leather chair backwards, leaning forward to expose his firm ripe ass for Jesse to rim and fuck. CLICK HERE

Golden Gate Season 4 Solos Part 2
Sit back, relax, and watch three of Golden Gate's most well endowed men pleasure themselves just for you in this extended and explosive solo compilation starring Morgan Black, Leo Forte, Tristan Jaxx and Dominic Sol.CLICK HERE

Dominic Sol and Jake Deckard
Dominic Sol finds Captain Deckard laid out on the locker room floor in this video. First Deckard fucks his throat good an' deep. Then he gets the hot little fucker up on all fours on the bench and pile-drives the sweet thing puppy-style. Deckard need more though and flips the winsome man onto his back so he can see his sweet eyes while he tears up his sweet ass. CLICK HERE

Dominic, Luke & Tyler
Dominic Sol unleashes Tyler's dick from his pants and goes down on it quickly. He gives every inch of Tyler's cock attention while big-dicked Luke Hass watches from afar. When Tyler can't take anymore cocksucking he bends Dominic over to eat his ass. Once his hole is warmed up, Tyler slips on a condom and slides right in for the kill.CLICK HERE

Antonio, Dominic & RJ
Antonio Biaggi well and truly gets a number done on his cock by Dominic 'The Mouth' Sol. Dom gobbles every last bit of it, almost worshipping the thick piece of meat with his mouth - and at this size, it deserves all the worshipping it gets. All the while, RJ Danvers jerks his long cock, getting off to the hot oral taking place just next to him. As reward for his unwavering service, Dom's hole is completely destroyed by his well-hung buddy while RJ blows a load on his face.CLICK HERE

Discovery Shay Micheals and Dominic Sol in 'Live Sex:All Access'
Hard Friction discovery, Shay Michaels, is back for his first Live show. He and Dominic Sol have been talking to each other online and have wanted to hook up. The sexual chemistry is smoking hot between these two men, as they are kissing, butt-naked on the set. Dominic is quickly on his knees licking and sucking Shay's meat. The downward curve of his cock fits perfectly down the back of Dominic's throat as he swallows it down. Shay's fur-covered muscles flex as he enjoys the enthusiastic attention. Next we see Dominic on his knees on the desk with his muscled butt cheeks spread wide so Shay can rim his hairy hole. He licks and fingers Dominic getting his hot hole stretched and lubed for his big cock. Dominic really wants it as Shay pounds him from behind. Shay gives it to him good then flips Dominic over on his back so he can watch the expression on his face as he slams his ass. When they are finally ready to cum, the two men are standing up, kissing. Shay pushes Dominic down and blows his load in his mouth then pulls him up, kisses him some more. With the taste of hot cum on his lips, Dominic quickly shoots his own big load. This is one hot scene charged with sexual chemistry!CLICK HERE

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