lundi 29 novembre 2010

Rob Rossi

Robert Michael, aka Rob Rossi

Residence: New York, Birth date: June 1977, Astrological sign: Cancer, Height: 5 feet 8 inches, Weight: 190, Size: 8 inches, exotic dancer. Playgirl (07/03 MoM), Playgirl (06/04 Cancer Man), Playgirl (07/04 MoY & cover), Playgirl (MoY Diary: Rob’s Favorite Tricks & Treats 10/04), Playgirl (09/04 “Rob’s Kinky Cravings”), Men Magazine (03/03). Video: Rob Rossi’s Lifestyle Video

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Anonyme a dit…

His name is Rob Rossi.

Anonyme a dit…

Rob Rossi, There is a great set of pics of him totally shaved.


COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob Rossi,
of course!!!!

you speak francais????