vendredi 3 décembre 2010

Alan Efron

Alan Efron, Antonio Biaggi & Bruno Bordar
Antonio offers his huge long dick to Alan Efron in this video and Alan jumps at the chance to taste it. As Alan sucks, Bruno Bordas comes in to join them and the action hits new heights. These three studs can't get enough dick, they suck each other in every combination possible with all three dicks getting equal attention. But Bruno's ass is available too and Antonio dives in for that treat as well. Alan is first to get pounded as Antonio sits back Alan rides the huge cock as it stretches his hole. Bruno wants some dick too so Antonio switches and fucks him as all three men writhe in ecstasy.CLICK HERE

Michael Amerika & Alan Efron
Michael Amerika comes in to find Alan hard and horny. Michael goes in for a kiss and works his way down to Alan's hard fat cock. But Alan wants a taste of dick too. He frees Michael's huge dick and quickly takes it down his throat. Alan then offers his ass up for Michael to kiss and lick before filling it with cock. Michael fucks Alan, enthusiastically pushing apart his ass cheeks and forcing it all the way in. Alan loves it and decides to go for a ride by sitting down on the massive hardon. We see every inch fill this young man as he pops a large load. Michael cums next and covers his abs in white jizz.CLICK HERE

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great fuck, great sound effects-love it