dimanche 16 mai 2010

Top7 - Your favourite men

Top 7 - from reader's ranking
N°1 - Adam Coussins (449)
N°2 - Leo Giamani (312)
N°3 - Jason Branch (245)
N°4 - Dean Tucker (235)
N°5 - Nichy Baggio (231)
N°6 - Ed Ventresca (219)
N°7 - Al Parker (185)

7 commentaires:

Joao Baptista a dit…

God Top LOL

Anonyme a dit…

Adam Coussins et David Jones sont une seul et même personne ;)

Mavericker a dit…

lol... you know that #1 and #7 are the same dude, right?

not that I mind... I love him under *any* name... he's my fave ;)

maybe yours too and hence the bias ;)

Brutos Eros a dit…

Oops...you are right. The next one in the ranking is Al Parker.

Palanca Feet a dit…

My choice goes for:
1. Ty Hudson
2. Samuel Colt
3. Jason Branch
of course there are a few more that I don't have in mind...

Anonyme a dit…

ed ventresca rocks my boat

Anonyme a dit…

Adam first then followed by all the others