jeudi 4 mars 2010

Hot moments with Bruno Bond

The red room is bathed in candlelight. There is a chair … a table … a card. The directions on it are simple and direct: SIT.

Bruno Bond enters, drops cash on the table and sits. Tyler Saint silently sidles up from behind. He unbuttons Bruno’s shirt and starts to fondle him, running his hands across the customer’s hairy chest and belly. Bruno succumbs to the pleasure that overwhelms him, but seems a bit unsure of what’s going to happen next. The leatherman kneels before him and sucks his cock, bathing the slick shaft and balls with his tongue. Before long, the wide-eyed businessman is buck naked and all trussed up – his arms bound high above his head, his torso wrapped with knotted cords, his ankles tethered to the legs of the chair, his mouth gagged with a braided bit. Tyler taunts and teases his prey with firm strokes and quick slaps before he goes down on his prick again. Bruno is at Tyler’s mercy and the leatherman knows it. He stands up and shoves his meaty sword down Bruno’s throat. The hungry man suckles it like the starving pig he is. Then he’s bent over and Tyler rims his furry ass, slowing munching and licking the hole. He stretches Bruno’s sphincter wide open, fingering it and getting it all juiced up for the fucking he soon delivers. Tyler drills his ass with a series of swift strong thrusts, then stands over his panting partner and shoots his load. Chomping on a cigar, he coolly watches as Bruno jerks himself to climax.

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