vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Sex - Steve Cruz & Jake Deckard

Mirage - Scene 8
On the run after their plane crashes in the Arab deserts, Steve Cruz and Jake Deckard are left near-death in the sweltering heat. Enter the ultimate mirage and the considerable talents of well-hung Collin O'Neal to make all the boyz fantasies come true while in their halucinatory state. Transported to a beach, these toned guys will take out their frustrations on Steve Cruz's furry ass making this one mirage he'll wish was very real.CLICK HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

Really cool. I can recall a couple of times, in college days of fucking at the beach, a friend and I would seek the shelter of a fuckspot only to find it occupied, as here, in the use of cock for the same purpose. It was always amazing to see how starkly guys would do exactly what we would do, without realizing how hot it looks.