jeudi 3 décembre 2009

Testosterone Collection

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Anonyme a dit…

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What an inspiring prospect it is, to hoist adoring anus to this valiant dick, and host this hero's fuck with helpless shock. A pointillism in the penisform only elevates the psi of its concussions, so that a hailstorm of hellacious pommeling stuns the guts as the internal maelstrom only raises the tide in one's own dick to crest in thrashing shards of spew. But I stray.

First the gross incursion obliterates inertia in the fuckhole's idle flex, only to forge a ring of raptest seizure about its thrust. For this primordial breach the gods inflame the hurling ass with sightless whips of fury, for the male maw to be engorged with reaming dick, its cincture become a clawing lock upon the lever's luscious leap. Only then, as all of penis surveys its domain with rampant promise of more pain, does the great benison of fuck commence its frenzied healing of resistance. Then the gods, themselves encoct in ire to align the souls of men to rage for penis in their gyre, turn succulent the sump of fuck's interminable jump, and baste the roasting wreckagemeat with balsam in each bump, extruding more cock with every jolt. To be on this dick, is to venture, by reprises of these hammerings, as far into fuck as its path may lead.

Anonyme a dit…

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