samedi 21 novembre 2009

Jeff Hammond

Nikos Dicopolous – aka Jeff Hammond
Playgirl (02/92 Cause for Celebration), Playgirl (04/97 Daydream Believer) Photographs by Dean Keefer, Playgirl’s Hot Young Hunks # 2 (07/98); Advocate-Men (09/95), Advocate-Men (03/98), Playguy (06/92, c), Stars (04/93, c), Rump (11/95, c), Urge (no. 9, N. D., C) Videography:
On The Lookout, All American, Down Home, Driving Hard, Take Me Home, Piece Of Cake, Backdrop, An American Man, All Night Long, Bad Boy's Ball, My Own Private Kentucky Studst, Never Too Big, Piece of Cake, To the Hilt, Slip It In

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beautiful, fine muscles I like a lot, ... is it free this WE ?