lundi 21 septembre 2009

Scott Layne

Scott Layne

Playgirl (11/97 MoM & Men of Hollywood), Playgirl (02-03/98, MoY 1998), Playgirl (01/99 Retro), Playgirl (09/98 Feature: Spring Break), Playgirl (06/03 Thirty Years of Playgirl), Playgirl Men of the Year # 1 (10/98), Playgirl Centerfolds # 5 (01/99); Dude (04/98; erotic underwear dancing: stills from the video "The Men You Love to Dance With," 4 pp.). Born c.1962. One of The Hollywood Men dancers & a Chippendale dancer. Videography/TV: Playgirl Presents "The Man of the Year" (Featuring Scott Layne, MOTY'98) (Erotica), The Men You Love to Dance With (1995) (Erotica), Emmanuelle: First Contact (2000), "Sunset Beach" (1997) TV Series, Bella Mafia (1997) (TV), The New Age (1994), Little Secrets (1991), Vice Academy Part 2 (1990), Ladykillers (1988) (TV), plus many TV guest appearances

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I want to lick every inch of this hot fucker