vendredi 28 août 2009

Hard-on / L'axe du mâle

3 commentaires:

lotharingien61 a dit…

Je connais le nom du 20086 et du 20101, c'est Chris RUSSELL.
Le 20109, c'est Derrek DIAMOND.

Kevin a dit…

so many hard-ons, such little time.

Anonyme a dit…

What happens if too many men feel they must dream of fucking Lucio Maverick or Dean Flynn, say, at the same time? Is there a crash in server heaven, or does the surge of cock sweep soothingly in multiple rhythms and infinite grasps simultaneously, nourishing the good name of penis beyond limit and furnishing gasp upon gasp with the renewal of rigid horn in the jolting expurgation of load after load after load without end? And how can we know when it is our time to ascend these prodding peaks of pillage - is there a summons we might have missed?