mardi 26 juillet 2011

Michael Vincenzo

Michael & Peter
Shot in a stunning house in San Francisco's Castro district. Shane Rollins watches from across the street as hairy erotic superstars, Michael Vincenzo and Peter Raeg go inside to take advantage of an afternoon with nothing to do. After they sleeve up, they fuck up and down a stair case in a scene that will last forever as the standard to which all future movies must measure up. Oh and don't miss the 8 massive, shooting cum squirts from Vincenzo.CLICK HERE

Shane Rollins, Michael Vincenzo & Peter Raeg
Here's an all-male sandwich destined to please. It starts off with an ass eating extravaganza and is followed by wet and nasty cock sucking until you are aching for release! Then, well-known hung hunk Michael Vincenzo and Peter Raeg take charge of Shane's butt masterfully, with the cum shots to prove it! Michael Vincenzo was so turned on by Shane's world class ass that he actually shot four separate full loads in a matter of less than five minutes, the last one spurting out of his over-used cock right as Shane and Peter erupt in a massive joint spunk spasm that leaves everyone shaking in disbelief.CLICK HERE

Michael Esse – aka Michael Vincenzo

Playgirl (03/01 Discovery) photographs by Ed Cox, Playgirl (12/07 Blast from the Past), Mandate (12/99, 02/01), Honcho (11/04), Inches (10/06), All Man (07/00), Dude (08/00, 05/03), Numbers (06/01). Videography: Open Trench-Vol. 1, Sexpack Six: Heavy Equipment, Shock-Part 1, The Shock Set, 3 Easy Pieces, Heat, Eruption, Laid Up

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JamTheCat a dit…

He's amazingly beautiful in his own unique way. I love his smile and how everything else about him fits it perfectly. Il est trop beau.