mercredi 24 août 2011

Nick Moretti

Logan Scott and Nick Moretti
Logan Scott is fettered and flogged by Nick Moretti as this steamy play session begins. The flogging may have warmed Logan up, but it's Moretti's hard cock that has the bottom choked-up and drooling on the floor with his hands now shackled to his ankles. After moving Scott to a fuck box, Moretti eats the bottom's ass and then fucks him hard from behind and then with Scott's boots in the air and the tempo builds until Scott's torso is covered in cum.CLICK HERE

Name: Nick Moretti
Born: 1963

Height: 5’8”

Occupation: Gay porn star

Sexual orientation: I don’t know

Birth country: United States

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Anonyme a dit…

love him

Anonyme a dit…

Wohoo! Tris man is hoy! I wanna fuck with him!