mardi 3 février 2009

Sex story - Aden Jaric and Jordan Jaric

You and me

You and me

Two hearts that melt and flow into infinity

We leave the world we know to voyage breathlessly

Our bed, the sea

And in its waves, just you and me

You and me

Free of wrong and right of old taboos and lies

And in our endless night

Come dreams and whispered sighs

Caressingly, to you and me

Through deserted hopes that we must hold anew

Love has filled our emptiness and waiting

The unprotected children that we were before

Turned into you and me

Reborn in love once more

Carry me beyond all doubt and fears

Of passion's fantasy

To God created spirits, desire's destiny

Made heavenly for you and me


When I had no faith, you taught me how to care

Giving me a second chance of living

Most words are only words

But yours become my prayer

My body and my soul, you echo everywhere

Pleasure me, until the early morning light

Make love to me

I hear your every turn

So all my days can be

Drowned in the sea, aahhhh, you and me

Singer: Charles Aznavour (1995)

Charles Aznavour / Jean-Pierre Bourtayre / Jacques Revaux

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Anonyme a dit…

romance has always been sexy...

JamTheCat a dit…

Two beauties together -- what could be more wonderful?

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for sharing this.