samedi 4 décembre 2010

Leather obsession

Bruno Bond
The mother of all muscle daddies - despite the contradiction in terms - is in very fine form for this solo performance. It's a rare chance to see this master of fuzz and muscle tackling his tool all on his lonesome without anyone else in shot to make you jealous that they get to touch that faultless body.CLICK HERE

Roman and Enrique
Hairy muscle beast Roman Ragazzi is covered from tip to toe - just how we like our men. He will be your focus with all that fur, but thats not saying Enrique Cuerro isn't a hottie, cause he is! In fact he's a scorching Latino bad boy who loves his leather and loves his sex even more.CLICK HERE

Tough Types Scene 2 - Glen, Rod & Freddy
Two muscle men take a walk on the wilder side in an opulent mansion, where the theme is master and slave and the dress code is leather jock straps, harnesses and open-seated chaps. Chuck in a touch of the voyeur and hot penetration and you have a video to make you loose control.CLICK HERE

Angelo Marconi
Bronzed God Angelo Marconi has a chat with Bruno before giving us one hell of a solo show. His toned bod isn't the only thing you'll have your eyes on in this video - wait till he shows you his hot, leather short shorts with an easy access zipper in the rear. Angelo also shows off some of those muscles by teasing us with a flex along with the all importing jerk and blow that leaves his gym-fit body covered in juice.CLICK HERE

Garcia Udulo & Glenn Santoro
The theme is master and slave and the dress code is leather jock straps, harnesses, open-seated chaps and masks in this kinky encounter between Garcia Udulo and Glenn Santoro. Watch as this masked ass-bandit raids this buff stud's hole and stretches it wide in his attack.CLICK HERE

Ricardo, Rogerio & Julian
Leatherwear never looked so good as on this buff trio. Strap in - like they are- because you're in for a kinky ride with this threeway video. It's spit-roast galore throughout the action as the sucking and fucking takes both ends of this very lucky smooth muscle specimen.CLICK HERE

2 commentaires:

LUCIEN a dit…

les trio ici ! WOW Tres Bien

Thirty3 Naked Laydies a dit…

R, R & J turn on the action nicely! LOVE the bottom's lips.