mercredi 21 janvier 2009

My first time

The First Time I was Fucked

I was late accepting my homosexuality, in fact in my late thirties. It was after a complete breakdown, when my psychiarist convinced me that I needed to experience sex with other men. Apart from some playing with other boys as a child and teenager, I'd never realy had "SEX" with anyone else, relying on masturbation.

I placed a "Personal" in a gay newsheet and got a reply within a week of it being published. I phoned and arranged to visit the next Saturday. He lived in a hostel near where I was living and working. When I opened the door of his room he was already naked. He was a big man, not fat, muscular and tanned all over. A big uncut cock hung down over a hairy sac from a luxurious pubic brush of curly hair.

It wasn't long before I too was naked. My cock springing to attention immediately. I think he knew that I was new at this, but he wasn't. I was soon sucking on his schlong as it grew and filled my mouth. I must have been doing right because he soon started groaning and urging me on. He grabbed my head firmly and started to really fuck my mouth with his rigid fuck-pole, grunting and groaning as he did so.

He produced a small brown bottle and inhaled. Then held it under my nose. "Sniff that int'you!" He ordered. I inhaled the acrid fumes and the rush came. As it did he forced his huge prick right into my throat. I pulled away coughing.

He then threw me on the bed, climbing on behind me. He lifted my hips up and, spreading my arse-cheeks, pushed a greasy finger in. I gasped. But he took no notice as he inserted a second and then third finger. "Ready for this?" He asked bringing his cock head to my hole. I gasped, "Yes!" He thrust forward, driving it in. I yelled. But he just shoved right into me. He held the amyl under my nose again and then stared to fuck me.

I not sure how long it lasted, but he certainly gave me a great introduction to fucking. Finally he forced every inch into me, gave a gasp, as he fell forward onto my back, and erupted inside me filling with man cum for the first time. I came immediately pouring out a load all over the towel he'd spread over the bed.

I really wanted what he had done to me. We met a few more times for similar sessions. He always finished by filling my hole with a huge load of his cum and I loved it. I was addicted to fucking. I wanted as much as I could get. Over the next few years I took advantage of every opportunity that offered to get fucked.

By Lordpatrick, Australia.

I'm a 75 year old gay white male. I am a devoted worshiper of Lord Cock. I've been surfing the net for years now and want to share my collection of "ICONS" of Lord Cock with as many people as I can. I hope you like my images of Lord Cock.

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what a direct & soft private evenement story ... it remember me near next thing.