vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Dmitri Dmitriev - Body Art

Dimitri Dmitriev wrote this comment about his body art painting on his website (

" Naked men's body is beautiful and itself already a piece of art. But sliding of a painting brush by naked skin is resounding to the birth of a new masterpiece. Similar to clothes, like a second skin, painting on your naked body can change you greatly, can create your personal image, express your secret desires and fantasies. Young men, by who's support I could create all these works are my co producers. Thanks to all of them! I offer my experiences in holding a body-art exhibitions."

2 commentaires:

Antinous a dit…

Merci, cher Brutos-Eros, de nous faire découvrir cet artiste russe Dmitry !

J'avoue assez apprécier !

Amitiés et Bises,

Powerman a dit…

Love the body art. Much more creative than mere pornography; sexy illusions!

Thanks for presenting it.