vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Exterface - Hair, Rope, Hat

What is written about the two French photographers on their website.

Exterface are two 23-year-old French artists, Julien and Stephane, who have united to create their own company. They produce poetic pictures of masculinity and the male form - its desires and meanings.

Psychologically charged, Exterface push their models to show a hidden side. They attempt to manipulate the male - exposing him, stripping him until he is lost between coloured light and darkness. The man isn't a man anymore; he becomes an indecent, urban, disguised, videogenic creature.

Exterface's iconography is sexually charged, sometimes homoerotic, but always expresses an interior duality. Each series tells a story as a fresco where the plot is 'all is not what it seems'. Julien and Stephane invite us to attend a spectacle where the model seems palpable yet somehow unreal.

3 commentaires:

Hannibal a dit…

Mamma mia
j'adore ce genre d'homme
tres sexy et viril

grazie caro Eros
bacio sur tes levres

Edu a dit…

Ce bel homme est un exquis mélange de couleurs et de textures

Anonyme a dit…

who is this man? where can we see more of him?