mercredi 24 novembre 2010


Butch Alley - Hothouse
Hot House Video takes you to a deserted alley in San Franciscos notorious South of Market District where men go to blow off some steam and blow a load after a hard days work. Rugged construction workers, buff blue-collar types, mechanics, men with lunch boxes and big tools all hookup for hard-edged man-to-man sex. These men dont waste time talking à they know what they want and they take it. If you like your men tough and your sex rough youre going to spend a lot of time cruising, sucking and fucking in the shadows along Butch Alley. This clip is from Scene featuring Antton Harri and Kirk Ziegler.CLICK HERE

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Antinous a dit…

Bises et Amitiés,
Antinous, Paris,

Anonyme a dit…

I love sex toys!

Boxofclouds - Italy

PDQ a dit…

That last guy has real talent!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Do you have more pics of the first guy? HOTNESS!